Treatable eye conditions: keratoconus

Keratoconus is a severe form of astigmatism, in which the cornea is slightly weaker than normal. This means the shape of the cornea progressively distorts, creating a cone shape at the front of the eye.

Although glasses or contact lenses can help in the early stages, they become less effective as the condition develops.


Although having keratoconus disqualifies patients from enjoying the benefits of laser eye surgery, there are other treatment options available.

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Cross-linking is a non-invasive, once-off procedure where custom-made riboflavin eye drops are applied to the cornea, and then activated with ultraviolet light. Once activated, these drops encourage cross-linking, or bonding, between adjacent strands of collagen in the cornea.

These strands are the natural molecular anchors that strengthen the cornea, and help it maintain its normal shape. Strengthening them though Cross-linking can slow or even stop the progression of the keratoconus.


Cross-linking treatment can also be combined with clear corneal inserts called Intacs®, which are surgically inserted into the cornea to help reshape it. Combining these two treatments can help flatten the cornea further than either could achieve alone. The inserts used in this keratoconus eye surgery are made from a material that’s been used safely in contact lenses and cataract surgery for over 50 years. They can also be surgically removed and exchanged later if necessary.