Dr Pixie McKenna

… describes her experience as a doctor visiting London Vision Clinic.

Play the video to hear Pixie’s story and find out how she finally said goodbye to her specs.


To say I’m glad I finally had laser eye surgery is an understatement. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner! To see the leaves on the trees and the departures board in the train station, and to sit down to watch the telly without squinting may seem like simple daily activities – and they are, now! Now I see the world in HD, and I am never going back to my goggles!
Dr Pixie McKenna

“It’s no secret …

… that despite almost two decades of doctoring, I am still a terrible patient. But, in December 2013, having toyed with the idea for ages, I decided to take the leap and see if I was suitable for laser eye surgery. While glasses can, of course, be a fashion accessory for some, I would be embarrassed to tell you how many stylish pairs I have sacrificed.

Many of my “must haves” have been either lost or squashed, and numerous pairs have been chewed beyond recognition by my dog. It’s an expensive habit. On the other hand, navigating the world without glasses has meant I’ve lost out (and I never graduated to contact lenses). Most of my friends’ weddings were blurred, I couldn’t negotiate the menu board when I went out for dinner, and I regularly tried to hitch a ride with a stranger thinking they were my husband.

So, while I “got by” with and without my specs, once my daughter was born I was on a mission for vision; with the responsibility came the realisation that I needed to do something to sort my sight”.