Treatable eye conditions

Don’t believe everything you hear – refractive surgery can treat many common eye conditions.

Many people believe that laser eye surgery cannot treat certain conditions, such as astigmatism or presbyopia (the affects of age on the eye). This is largely because so many clinics refuse patients who have these conditions.

However, this says more about the limits of those clinics than of refractive surgery itself. The eye surgeons at the London Vision Clinic have been successfully treating these conditions for years.

Pioneering laser eye surgery treatments

Our goal is to provide the ultimate in surgical expertise, patient care and customer service. That means doing our utmost to help any patient, no matter how complex or severe their condition may be.

Over many years of research and practice, we have pioneered a range of unique refractive surgery techniques and technologies. These have helped expand the scope of laser eye surgery, and ensured that we can help almost any patient.

PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision, for example, is a revolutionary treatment for presbyopia – the effect of ageing on the eye. Rather than turn away patients over 40, we welcome them with the good news that they may soon be rid of their reading glasses.

Equally important are our High Profile treatments for very high prescriptions, such as severe myopia. This laser eye surgery, at prescription strengths far beyond the norm, is made possible by the most advanced testing equipment in the world, and our detailed, individually tailored treatment plans.

Find out how we can treat the following eye conditions:

Find out whether you are suitable for laser eye surgery at the London Vision Clinic by contacting us today. One of our Patient Care Coordinators will take you through the process.