Our Top 10 Laser eye surgery patient Stories

Every patient that has laser eye surgery with us has their own, very special, patient story. Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to dig deeper into a few of our patient’s stories. Here are 10 we’d love to share with you.

Katie, after her surgery at the London Vision Clinic.

1. It takes a mountain of desire for Katie

There is no measurement – yet – to register the strength of desire. If such a calibrated table were to exist it might consider the case of 32-year-old Katie from Potters Bar. Her desire to undergo laser eye surgery was so strong that it managed to outweigh a terrifying lifelong fainting habit. Read more

2. With the greatest of ease, trapeze artist bins her specs

As a static trapeze artist and salsa dancer in her free time, Kelly was super-motivated to bin the glasses that she had worn for some twelve years. Read more

3. Laser eye surgery is magical

Rajan the Magic Man was performing that night and – as well as being impressed by his skill, Dr Dan noticed how red and inflamed the magician’s eyes were. Read more

4. Eye Surgery in vogue

Having experienced successful early eye surgery, it was unlikely that Susan Singleton, a successful solicitor – and now a mother of five – would accept the inevitability of presbyopia and the inconvenience of reading glasses. Read more

5. The Patient patient

Since his childhood in the Kashmir region of Pakistan, Menir Ahmed suffered from poor eye sight – at the age of ten he was extremely short sighted (-9 or -8). His youth was blighted by all the inconvenience associated with wearing glasses so thick that they affected his peripheral vision and dashed any sporting aspirations he had. Read more

Rosa, glasses free for the first time in 70 years!

6. You’re never too old

I don’t think that it would be fair to share here Rosa’s age (I am certainly not going to tell you mine!) but I will give you a clue … after Rosa had her eyesight corrected by Dr Dan two years ago she discovered the joy of being glasses-free for the first time in seventy years! Read more

7. Blind in Business

Despite amazing medical advances, there are still many people in our midst who would cheerfully hand over their life savings or travel to the ends of the earth to undergo any pioneering form of treatment in order to prevent their blindness. They would opt for any sight enhancing surgery, choose lenses or glasses (however ugly or uncomfortable) in fact try anything to be able to see. Thirty-nine year old Paul Ryb from North London is one of them. Read more

8. Safety First

Jon Lee – I learned – specialises in highly sophisticated safety equipment designed to prevent accidents in industrial processes such as refineries, power plants and oil platforms around the world. “If you think that safety is expensive, try having an accident”, he reminds his global customers. With this philosophy it is hardly surprising that, when Jon made the decision to have laser eye surgery (after his frustrating High Street experiences), he selected the London Vision Clinic. Read more

Martin, Kent, swimming with his daughters after laser blended vision surgery.

9. Diary of a Blended Vision Dad

Martin, who is from Kent, had his operation in May 2009 and it took him longer than average to adjust to the blended vision procedure. Unfortunately, in his own words, he was not to be “one of those instant adapters”.  His work in property consultancy meant spending long hours in front of computer screens and with an 18-month-old daughter (at the time of his surgery) who loved swimming he was fed up with the inconvenience of contact lenses and glasses. He also wrote a blog about his experiences. Read more..

10. Our laser eye surgery patient video stars

Throughout our website and our DVD, you’ll see videos featuring real patients of our Clinic, going through every stage of the procedure. In these videos, you’ll meet

  • Ralf, a fund manager who felt a lack of control without glasses. He wanted to correct his vision using the best technology and highest quality available. He first began thinking about laser eye surgery years before he contacted the London Vision Clinic. We captured Ralf’s successful LASIK with Professor Reinstein on video.
  • Lucy, an actor with a very high prescription. Lucy began wearing thick glasses when she was four years old. She wanted to be free of her specs so she could perform more freely on stage, TV and in film. Turned away by most laser eye surgery clinics she called, she finally found the London Vision Clinic, who told her they could help her. We captured Lucy’s successful PRK / LASEK with Professor Reinstein on video.
  • Margaret, a film producer who’s work involves a lot of reading and texting, who is hoping to be rid of her reading glasses. She comes to London Vision Clinic, and with Professor Reinstein, hopes to benefit from laser blended vision, and we captured her successful results on video.
  • Ken, an ex-Special Forces team member, who struggled with his contact lenses throughout his military career and in his many outdoor pursuits. Ken needed laser blended vision to correct not only his distance vision, but his near vision as well. His journey, accompanied by with Mr Glenn Carp, is captured on video.
  • Zana is a personal training proprietor and yoga instructor. Her glasses were a constant irritation while teaching and training her clients. She was seeking a clinic that wouldn’t try to sell her too hard, but rather present the information so she could make her own decision. Her journey towards better vision with Mr Glenn Carp is captured on video.
  • Isabella, a teacher, who’s severe shortsightedness caused her to be bullied as a child wants to have laser eye surgery but is sure she can’t get it for the prices advertised on the high street. Now a keen recreational cyclist, she visits with Mr Glenn Carp to correct her vision with high-profile laser eye surgery.