Recent Laser Eye Surgery Reviews For London Vision Clinic

We pride ourselves on the quality of the Laser Eye Surgery treatments we provide our patients here at London Vision Clinic. That’s why we really value the reviews and feedback we receive, and why we’re always keen to share them. Here are some of the latest Laser Eye Surgery treatment reviews we’ve had on the independent review site TrustPilot:

“Wish I’d done it sooner!”

On 11th December 2014, Kate gave us a 5 star rating and went on to say:

“Having Laser Eye Surgery at the London Vision Clinic is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. With a strong prescription that other high-street brands wouldn’t touch, LVC took me on and guided me sensitively and professionally through the process. Every stage was explained to me fully in advance and, unlike other clinics, the focus was on safety and professionalism, rather than on pricing and marketing offers.“ Kate finished her review saying “I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend LVC to anyone who requires glasses or contact lenses.”

“Phenomenal Service & Experience“

Keith gave us a 5 star rating on 10th December 2014, and said:

“I went to see Moorfields and also had a consultation set-up with London Vision Clinic. Moofields told me I could only have the Lasek treatment which is a more lengthy, painful process. I decided against this. I was disenchanted with the concept and assumed LVC would give the same advice so cancelled my appointment. The consultant on the phone explained they may give different advice as their technology is more advanced so I went for the LVC consultation for a 2nd opinion and was glad to do so.

Everything about LVC is top notch. The staff, the testing, the technology, the after service – all perfect. I had the RELEX treatment (a form of LASIK) – was great. Back at work within 24 hours, better than 20/20 vision now (was previously a minus 2). Had the surgery in July. No pain. No inconvenience (one day off work). Fantastic.”

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