Laser Eye Surgery Reviews – January 2015

It’s been another busy month at London Vision Clinic this January, and we now have well over 500 Laser Eye Surgery reviews on the independent review site TrustPilot – Something we’re very proud of!

Here are just a couple of the reviews we received in January:

On 18th Jan, Stuart posted a Laser Eye Surgery review with the title “Unbelievably good” and a 5 out of 5 rating:

Start began by saying “I never write reviews, but … I suddenly realised how enormously my life has been changed since having eye surgery.”

He went to say ‘The operation itself as pleasant as it can be (and short) followed by a cup of tea and a soothing head massage! I am so lucky, my eyesight settled perfectly. It was very good within days.”

On 6th Jan, Beans26 gave us another 5 out of 5 Laser Eye Surgery rating, simply titled “Excellent”:

“I had been contemplating getting Laser Eye Surgery for a few years. I finally plucked up the courage to book a consultation with the London Vision Clinic and once I stepped inside their building and met with the staff who were all so lovely, kind and helpful, I knew straight away this was the right place for me.”

“I booked my surgery on that same day. I was talked through the whole process which put my mind at ease. Since the surgery I have been amazed with the results and I am finally free of contact lenses and glasses after nearly 20 years!”

To read these and some of our other Laser Eye Surgery reviews, visit TrustPilot now.

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Laser Eye Surgery Reviews – January 2015