Laser eye treatment UK

Although more and more ophthalmologists offer laser eye treatment in the UK, patients need to be certain that they are putting their vision in competent and responsible hands. As sight is such a highly valued sense, patients have the tendency to put aside their concerns about laser surgery and have it done without consideration for the consequences.

This can go either way. In many cases, surgery will improve your vision and will have no adverse effects. However, there is always the possibility that surgery undertaken by an individual with a lack of experience will have little or no impact on your vision, or will actually damage it, at great expense to you. These are key reasons why, when it comes to your vision, it is better to trust the names you know.

Reasons to choose the London Vision Clinic

There are many reasons why it is better to choose the London Vision Clinic for your laser eye surgery. These include:

  • Professor Dan Reinstein and Mr Glenn Carp are among the most renowned and experienced ophthalmic surgeons in the world.
  • The London Vision Clinic achieves better results that most eye clinics in terms of the rapidity of recovery and the degree to which vision problems are corrected.
  • The London Vision Clinic undertakes rigorous screenings of patients before they undergo treatment. This ascertains whether or not they are suitable for the treatment. It is this initial screening that ensures our excellent results.
  • The staff at the London Vision Clinic make it their mission to set their patients’ minds at ease regarding any concerns they may have regarding their surgeries. Full disclosure about the process and the risks make this possible.
  • The London Vision Clinic recognises the importance of aftercare and endeavours to continue its good patient/clinic relationships even after the surgery and recovery period.

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These reasons make choosing the London Vision Clinic an easy decision. Contact the London Vision Clinic to enquire about your suitability as a candidate for laser eye surgery.