LASIK surgery UK

In the UK, LASIK surgery is an ever popular option for correcting vision problems that otherwise impede your freedom and diminish your quality of life. Advanced technology has broadened the range of candidates who are suitable for the LASIK surgery and now, anyone not suffering from one of the disqualifying conditions, is likely to be suitable for this treatment option. Gone are the days when contact lenses and glasses were a permanent feature on your nightstand.

Why laser surgery?

Not only does the London Vision clinic in the UK use LASIK to treat a greater number of patients, it is now also capable of treating an increasing number of conditions. Some of these include: [arrow_list]

  • Hyperopia: Otherwise known as long-sightedness, hyperopia sufferers can see distant objects, but have difficulty focussing on things that are close by. As a result, they have trouble reading and may get an increased number of headaches from continually trying to focus.
  • Presbyopia: This is associated with aging and prevents the sufferer from shifting his focus as distance decreases.
  • Myopia: Often called short-sightedness, Myopia is an affliction that prevents sufferers from being able to focus on objects in the distance. This makes driving, sport, watching television and other activities that require distance vision, difficult.
  • Astigmatism: This is the distortion of images that results from an improperly shaped cornea.

Discuss your eye condition and the possible treatment option with one of our Patient Care Coordinators.

Choose the London Vision Clinic

Due to the wide array of conditions that LASIK surgery in the UK is able to treat, there is no longer a good reason to dismiss the possibility of laser treatment for your eyes. Living with imperfect vision, for whatever reason, is frustrating.

The London Vision Clinic offer expert personal care that begins with a rigorous suitability screening and ends with continued care for an extended period after your laser eye surgery.

For more information about Laser Eye Surgery, please contact the London vision Clinic.