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Our treatments

There are two forms of laser eye surgery: LASIK (the most common) and PRK/LASEK. Both use extremely precise lasers to reshape your cornea. This is the key to correcting your vision, because the shape of the cornea determines the way light enters your eye.

If your cornea is more curved than it should be, it bends (refracts) the light so that it focuses just in front of the cornea. This is known as short-sightedness, or myopia. If the cornea is flatter than it should be, the light converges just behind the cornea, causing long-sightedness, or hyperopia.

Laser eye treatment removes small, very precise amounts of corneal tissue to subtly adjust the way light enters the eye, transforming the quality your vision.

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Treating other conditions

      Of course, there are many other conditions that affect our vision, such as astigmatism or simply the effects of ageing (presbyopia). You may well have heard that these and other conditions are beyond the power of laser eye treatment. However, while many clinics refuse patients with such conditions, the London Vision Clinic has been treating them successfully for many years.

Treating the effects of ageing

We have developed a revolutionary treatment called PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision that addresses vision problems caused by the natural ageing process. This unique laser eye treatment can significantly reduce, or even eliminate, the need for reading glasses for many years. Read more about PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision.

Treating high prescriptions

Many clinics resort to surgically implanted synthetic lenses to treat very high prescriptions. The London Vision Clinic has pioneered safe methods for using laser eye surgery in such cases. This is largely thanks to our uniquely comprehensive and accurate assessment tools, which mean we can treat very high prescriptions in complete confidence. Read more about High Profile treatments.

Beyond laser eye treatment

Where laser surgery is not appropriate, we can offer treatment using synthetic (intraocular) lenses.

Read more about intra-ocular lenses.

Find out more about the process behind correcting any eye condition with laser eye surgery or the popular LASIK eye surgery.

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