Laser eye specialists in the UK

Laser eye surgery in the UK is becoming a more common practice and with new developments in technology can correct a myriad of eye conditions. From myopia to presbyopia, many different conditions can be treated with laser eye surgery, freeing people from the hassle of wearing glasses.

Choosing a laser eye specialist in the UK is not as an easy task. With the increased popularity of these procedures a plethora of practitioners have emerged. But not all are fully qualified or experienced enough to successfully perform delicate laser eye surgery. Any laser eye specialist in the UK must be a registered ophthalmologist and is recommended to have at least three years experience with your specific procedure.

Experienced laser eye specialists UK

One of the easiest ways to choose the best laser eye specialist in the UK is to attend a reputable establishment. London Vision Clinic is a well-established clinic in the UK with an excellent reputation. A hundred percent of LASIK eye surgery patients from London Vision Clinic meet the UK’s minimum standard for driving without glasses after their surgery. The overall results seen by patients of the laser eye specialist at the UK’s London Vision Clinic regularly surpass expectation and rate among the top results in the world.

Our laser eye specialists

Professor Dan Reinstein

Professor Dan Reinstein is the founder of the London Vision Clinic and one of the only laser eye specialists in the UK to dedicate his entire career to laser eye surgery. After studying at Cambridge, Professor Reinstein has been perfecting his laser eye surgery skills for the past 18 years and now even lends his skills to the TV show Extreme Makeover. He is also a board-certified ophthalmologist in the USA and Canada and holds professorships in New York and Paris. Dedicated to laser eye surgery, Professor Reinstein has headed up many research projects and has become an innovator in this field. Holding many patents and a regular speaker and contributor to seminars and publications, Professor Reinstein is regarded the world over as the leading laser eye specialist in the UK.

Mr Glenn Carp

Mr Glenn Carp was born and educated in South Africa, qualifying as a doctor in 1996 and has since become a laser eye specialist in the UK. This award-winning doctor finds interacting with patients to be the most rewarding aspect of his job and knows from his own experience how nerve-wracking such a procedure can be. He himself underwent laser eye surgery with Professor Reinstein in 2006 and knows the importance of setting patients at ease! Mr Carp has been honoured with several fellowships at prestigious hospitals and is a member of many organisations including the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ESCRS).

Mr Alastair Stuart

Before joining London Vision Clinic, Mr Alastair Stuart completed extensive training which included numerous fellowships, at institutions including Moorfields Eye Hospital and St Thomas’ Hospital, London. He has been speaking at conferences internationally for over a decade and with 14 years of training including 3 sub specialty fellowships, Mr Stuart is one of the few surgeons to have completed formal refractive surgery training.

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