LASIK Eye Treatment

LASIK eye treatment is the procedure most performed by ophthalmic surgeons to correct vision and has helped countless people regain their waning eyesight. The LASIK eye treatment can be used to treat many conditions, including myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism.

Many eye surgery clinics have different names for LASIK eye treatment including UltraLASIKplus, Custom LASIK, UltraLASIK, Wavefront LASIK and even Zyoptix, but they are all the same procedure as performed by Professor Dan Reinstein and Glenn Carp at London Vision Clinic.

The LASIK Eye Treatment Procedure

Before surgery, ophthalmic surgeons perform an initial screening process to ensure eligibility. If this screening process is positive, the surgeons use what is called wavefront analysis and topographical mapping procedures to analyse the contours of the patient’s eye.

This tracking allows for precise and calculated movements of the ophthalmic surgeon’s incisions during the LASIK eye treatment procedure – important as patients are required to be awake during the treatment.

The corneal flap is then cut away and moved aside to create working space for the reshaping of the cornea itself. The reshaping of the cornea is aimed at changing and channelling the refraction of the light to improve vision.

The corneal flap is then replaced and quickly and naturally starts to heal. The aftercare process involves post-operative ophthalmic medication, regular check ups and 24 hour emergency consultation.

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