Get rid of your glasses with the help of a London eye specialist

Life in London today is fast paced, with everyone constantly on the move. Career-orientated city dwellers have to focus on many things at once, from succeeding in business to navigating the tube system and managing a household. Little time is left for anything else, let alone an extensive eye care regime and wearing glasses can be a hassle with frames breaking or constantly being misplaced.

The usual alternative to glasses is contact lenses, but in an increasingly digital world, these can become a problem. People often have to stare at a computer screen all day while wearing contacts and this can cause eyes to become itchy and painful. Contacts also require maintenance as fluid and a case needs to be carried at all times. The modern day alternative is to consult a London eye specialist and investigate whether you are a candidate for laser eye surgery. Such a procedure is quick and painless and can often eradicate the need to wear glasses or contacts completely.

The Importance of Choosing the Right London Eye Specialist

Before even having a consultation with a London eye specialist, it is important to do some research. LASIK eye surgery is one the most common and popular procedures done today, but it does not come without some risks. Some patients experience a slight loss of vision and diminished night or fog vision after this type of surgery which can’t be corrected by glasses or contact lenses. As a relatively new procedure, there is also no data confirming the effects of LASIK eye surgery after a five year period. However, a similar surgery has been performed since the 1960s with no side effects or long term problems, making London eye specialists unworried about LASIK surgery.

While the risks of laser eye surgery are low it is still a medical procedure and should only be done by an experienced professional. Damage to your eyes is a life changing event and therefore choosing a London eye surgeon should not be taken lightly. Only registered ophthalmologists are allowed to perform the procedure and it is recommended that they also have at least three years experience, meaning that you need to do your homework before settling on a London eye specialist.

London Vision Clinic’s Eye Specialists

The London eye specialists at London Vision Clinic are two of the most respected ophthalmologists in the world. Professor Reinstein and his partner Mr Glenn Carp work with a dedicated team to provide the best patient care possible. These London eye specialists believe in providing patients with a detailed screening before any procedure, ensuring that surgery is actually the best option for them and that the benefits will outweigh any risks.

The London eye specialists at London Vision Clinic are dedicated to helping people have the right eyesight to keep up with their hectic city lifestyle. Contact us for more information on our treatments and eye specialists today.