Off with the glasses and into a new world of vision for riders

On numerous occasions I have walked into the opticians with my broken or scratched glasses, “I’m sorry my horse stepped on them, they fell off as I was trying to adjust the girth”. Very odd indeed. Well not for riders. Trying to do chores around the yard and keeping your glasses in mint condition is a real hassle.

Whilst riding, one would think that as you are in an upright or semi upright position most of the time you can see perfectly, not so. In muggy warm conditions your glasses start to slip down your nose. Added to that, the heat radiated by the horse itself creates a misty screen and if it rains you really are in trouble, no visor of your hard hat is keeping it at bay.

If you have stigmatism, as I do, and your glasses move (we now like the fashionable ones that are larger and sit on your nose rather than the ones that grip) you can bet your bottom dollar cantering will be a blur!!

“The team is dedicated and professional.”

“You always feel that you are well looked after.”

Contact lenses seem to work well for many people but they can cause irritation, especially when dust particles from the arena or dust from brushes lodge themselves in between your eye and the lens, creating a gritty sensation and even pain.

For years I thought of having laser eye treatment. I could not decide what was worse; the operation or continuing not to see at crucial moments in front of a jump. I had heard many people say it’s the best thing they had ever done and they often questioned why they had not done it before.

Quite frankly, I was scared “what if it did not work and my eyesight was ruined?” After all it’s your eyes right! I decided to look into it further and investigate for myself. I found a reputable clinic and spoke to several people there, including patients that had had the procedure done. They seemed very happy and so finally I plucked up the courage and had it done.

My eyes were a little sore at first but my vision was amazing. The experience was much Like changing a TV channel to HD. The clarity and detail was outstanding and even that takes a short while to get used to.

However, what was most noticeable was the stability I felt on my horse. My peripheral vision was by far better. I was more aware of the overall picture in front of me. This resulted in a boost in my confidence and a closer connection with my horse. I felt grounded and ready to try advanced school movements, which required a greater amount of collection, impulsion and balance. Months after the procedure, I am still fascinated by how well I can see and, most importantly how my riding has improved.

Monica Peralta