101 questions and answers: the facts are the best reassurance

If you don’t know much about laser eye surgery, it can seem quite a frightening prospect. But the more you know, the more you realise what a remarkably safe, and potentially life-changing, process it actually is.┬áIn this section, we’ve collected the most common laser eye surgery questions our patients ask, to give you a good introduction and ease any fears that you may have. By browsing through the laser eye surgery FAQs below you can learn more about the treatments, processes and pricing structures.

Whether you would like to know more about the London Vision Clinic itself, the staff that practice here or about the different treatments we use here, we will aim to answer all of your questions in this section.

We will give you useful insight into the common problems of the eye and determine whether you fit the criteria that makes you suitable for laser eye surgery. We will also discover conditions that might make you unsuitable too. If you are interested in the different types of treatments we offer, we will discuss in this section too.

We will aim to take you through the whole process of laser eye surgery. This will begin with what you can expect from the initial screening, the results you can expect and the process behind successful aftercare.

See our question categories below… Have a question not on this list? Simply call us on 0207 224 1005. We’d be delighted to help, whether or not you decide to have treatment with us.