5 Common age-related eye problems

5 Common age-related eye problems Crystal clear vision is something we typically associate with youth and expect to fade away as the years go by. And whereas it is true that the eyes go through the natural ageing process and do degrade, like any other part of the body, this doesn’t mean you can’t retain a clear and youthful view of the world. Retaining your vision as you age isn’t something that is completely out of your control. There are…

How to age gracefully (with Phil)

How to age gracefully (with Phil) There comes a point in everyone’s life when they find themselves faced with the inevitable truth of ageing. Even though it’s happening from the very moment you’re born, it can be decades until you have to face the fact — not least because most of us are pushing it away for as long as possible. For Phillip Schofield, that time came at just sixteen years of age, when his hair started to turn grey….