What are Alternative Treatments to Laser Eye Surgery?

What are Alternative Treatments to Laser Eye Surgery? Continued development and innovation mean that Laser Eye Surgery can now treat a huge number of refractory errors with minimally invasive techniques. In fact, at London Vision Clinic, we are able to treat around 98% of people who contact us. However, Laser Eye Surgery may not be the right option for everyone. A small number of patients may be unsuitable for Laser Eye Surgery for a number of reasons. For example, high…

5 Common age-related eye problems

5 Common age-related eye problems Crystal clear vision is something we typically associate with youth and expect to fade away as the years go by. And whereas it is true that the eyes go through the natural ageing process and do degrade, like any other part of the body, this doesn’t mean you can’t retain a clear and youthful view of the world. Retaining your vision as you age isn’t something that is completely out of your control. There are…

Eye Health: European Coalition for Vision Request End To Neglect

Earlier this year, the European Coalition for Vision (ECV) released a press statement to call on European decision makers to include eye health and vision in their political agenda. The call follows an earlier event in which members of the ECV claimed that eye health has been neglected in the political arena for too long, and that there is far too much avoidable and preventable vision damage….

Essential Advice On Eye Health

Essential Advice on Eye Health

Last year, National Eye Health Week reminded us all of the importance of regular eye tests. It’s recommended we have our eyes examined at least every two years, not only to ensure they’re healthy, but also to check for changes to our current prescriptions….