Fireworks & bonfires: Do take care

Fireworks & bonfires: Do take care Fireworks are delightful inventions that bring fun and enjoyment to everyone (except maybe dogs and older adults). But they’re also small dangerous missiles packed with gunpowder that fire ‘payloads’ at hundreds of miles an hour into the sky to explode in a (hopefully) controlled and artistic way. Without sounding like too much of a party pooper, it’s the same story for bonfires. Although for millennia, they’ve kept us warm and provided us with a…

Protecting your eyes at work

Protecting your eyes at work Usually it’s only once we get home after a long, hard day’s work that our attention is drawn to our eyes. We notice they feel tired and strained, that we are rubbing them every few minutes, or that the writing on our Kindle is a little fuzzier than normal. We use our eyes almost every minute of every waking hour of the day. Six or seven hours of which are spent in front of a computer….