Treating presbyopia with the ICL using the EVO Viva and Bioptics ICL Blended Vision

At the London Vision Clinic, we use the technique developed by Professor Reinstein over a decade ago called  Laser Blended Vision to enable our ICL to benefit patients with presbyopia. In fact, a number of major lens manufacturers have adopted Professor Reinstein’s technique and implemented this into their intraocular lens (IOL) designs. Like his mentor Professor Jose Ignacio Barraquer, rather than patenting the idea, Professor Reinstein published his findings in the scientific literature for everyone to benefit from. STAAR, who developed the ICL chose to use Professor Reinstein’s concept of extending the depth of field using an optical property called “spherical aberration” to improve on monovision and enable a modification of modified binocular vision. This means that our approach to presbyopia using the ICL is the same technique that we have pioneered and treated thousands of patients with, creating ICL Blended Vision.

At London Vision Clinic, we use the most advanced method for ICL sizing which is the Artemis Insight 100 VHF digital ultrasound scanner to directly measure the area inside the eye behind the iris where the lens will be sitting.

How can presbyopia be treated with ICL and Laser Blended Vision?

In the simplest monovision approach, one eye is set for distance while the other is set for near vision. With both eyes open, the brain can switch from one eye to the other depending on what distance the attention is brought to. This can be effective at reducing the dependency on correction but some patients may still require the use of spectacles for certain tasks and particular focal distances. In ICL Blended Vision, both eyes see at distance and both at near, but one eye sees better at distance and the other better at near, while they see similarly in the intermediate range. This is the ‘blend zone’.

Professor Reinstein explains what the ‘blend zone’ is…

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