Astigmatism causes

Astigmatism is an eye condition indicated by a refractive error where the cornea is shaped more like a rugby ball than the normal spherical shape. Astigmatism causes a flattened cone shape at the front of the eye. Light then enters at different angles through this cone, creating two points of focus – and therefore a blurred image. Some people are born with this condition, but may not notice it until later on in life.

Astigmatism causes can also be attributed to the following: incorrect posture, excessive close work, corneal scarring, injury and keratoconus. Astigmatism can also present with short-sightedness or long-sightedness.

Astigmatism symptoms

Astigmatism causes several symptoms to present in patients. Some astigmatism symptoms include difficulty when reading, the inability to see near and far without squinting, headaches, fatigue and blurry fine print. If you are experiencing any of these astigmatism symptoms, please contact a Patient Care Coordinator today on 0207 224 1005.

Treating astigmatism

If you know what the cause of your astigmatism is or if you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, rest assured that the condition can be treated. When you come to the London Vision Clinic you will be tested for astigmatism, the causes for it as well as undergo several other tests to determine your suitability for laser eye surgery. Once you are deemed a suitable candidate, you will undergo laser surgery to correct your cornea. While it is more complex than a simple surgery for myopia or hyperopia, it is an extremely routine and successful procedure. Virtually all astigmatism symptoms can be treated with laser eye surgery of this nature.

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