LASEK treatment in London

London Vision Clinic is committed to providing technologically groundbreaking eye care and surgery to treat ocular conditions such as astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia through the use of the highly precise LASEK treatment.

London based Professor Dan Reinstein is a LASEK treatment expert and celebrity ophthalmic surgeon from featured on the hit reality television show, Extreme Makeover UK, founded the clinic in 2002 and heads up the UK surgical team as the Medical Director. He works alongside Mr Glenn Carp and a team of highly qualified researchers, optometrists, Patient Care Coordinators and ophthalmic nurses. Meet the Team.

The risks of LASEK treatment in London

Risk is a given with any surgical procedure, no matter how simple or precise the operation is in theory. One has to allow for the potential mishap – even though London Vision Clinic’s success rate is excellent, boasting a low likelihood of complications and testing eligibility before hand.

Prospective patients need to endure an initial five step screening procedure to ensure the success of a surgical operation such as LASEK treatment.

A halo effect and distorted or blurred vision are a few of the risks which could not be re-corrected if the procedure had to go awry. But modern advancements in treatments, such as eye tracking technology compensates for eye movements and therefore makes the procedure that much more accurate and decreasing the chances of LASEK surgery complications.

London Vision Clinic takes pride in aftercare of their patients, never discharging someone until absolutely certain of their stability, and also by providing a personalised 24 hour emergency contact number. Contact the London Vision Clinic for more information on the LASEK treatment options available to you.