A leading laser vision center

The London Vision Clinic is a leading laser eye surgery center situated in the heart of London. Boasting two world renowned laser eye surgeons and a team of highly qualified and experienced ocular specialists, our results speak for themselves.

The laser eye center surgeon team

  • Professor Dan Reinstein is a Cambridge graduate who has studied and worked in the UK, USA and Europe, Professor Reinstein has dedicated himself to laser eye surgery. He is credited with building the prototype of what would later become known as the Artemis Insight 100™ scanner. which is now the world’s safest and most accurate corneal scanner. In 2002, the already highly accomplished laser eye surgeon opened what he envisioned as the leading laser vision center. Nearly a decade down the line, his vision has been realised.
  • Mr Glenn Carp joined our laser eye surgery center after working and training in hospitals across the UK. The South African born eye surgeon is respected by his colleagues and loved by his many grateful patients.

Professor Reinstein and Mr Carp depend on a team of Patient Care Coordinators, optometrists, researchers and ophthalmic nurses in order to perform at their best. Find out more about the team at our laser vision center.

Treatment options

As a leading laser eye surgery center we offer an array of treatments. If we can, we will endeavour to help even those that have been told by other laser vision centers that they are unsuitable candidates. The treatments on offer include: