LASIK Surgery London

Otherwise known as Photo-refractive Keratectomy (or PRK), the first step in the LASEK surgery process is topographical diagnostic analysis on the untreated eye using wavefront analysis for precision accuracy which makes the surgery itself considerably safer.

The next step in the LASEK surgery procedure involves the ophthalmic surgeon removing the corneal flap (as apposed to moving it aside during a LASIK eye surgery procedure) to work on the re-sculpting the cornea itself.

This reshaping of the cornea allows for the correction of refracted light to be focused into clear vision. The healing of the eye begins almost immediately, with eyesight on the horizon.

LASIK Surgery: London Vision Clinic

At London Vision Clinic, all measures are taken to ensure the success of any ocular operation. That’s why the vision clinic employs an intensive screening process to ensure that LASIK patients are eligible and not running a high risk of complications.

London based specialists, Professor Dan Reinstein and Glenn Carp, pride themselves on their excellent track record and personalised aftercare. The surgeons take revel in their work, and provide their post-operative patients with their personal telephone numbers in case of any emergency during the healing phase.

Check ups are also part off the postoperative LASIK procedure. Staggered appointments from the first day to one year later ensure that everything is in working order and that healing is successful and complete.