London optometrists

If you’re looking for an optometrist in London, you won’t have a problem finding one.

While there are many optometrists in London, you will need to find one that is highly qualified, has plenty of experience and whom you feel comfortable with.

Optometrists at the London Vision Clinic

The four optometrists at London Vision Clinic are all highly qualified and have years of patient experience under their belts. They are key members of a team of highly skilled vision correction specialists, consisting of:

Our London optometrists will examine and test your eyes to determine your eye condition as well as the appropriate treatment to correct it. They will also be key to determining your suitability for laser eye surgery. Optometrists at the London Vision Clinic are required to complete a three-year undergraduate degree in Optometry, plus at least a year’s pre-registration practice supervised by an experienced practitioner.

Read this interview with optometrist, Emma Brandon for more information on what optometrists at the London Vision Clinic do on a day-to-day basis.

Meet the London optometrists working at the Clinic:

Contact a Patient Care Coordinator on 0207 224 1005 to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery.