Meet our Clinic Coordinators

Our Clinic Coordinators keep everything running smoothly, and help make sure you always receive the highest possible standards of service.

Also known as the London Vision Clinic’s “Air Traffic Controllers”, their aim is to ensure every patient’s administrative needs are taken care of – from re-arranging appointments or getting an insider recommendation for the best little cafe in nearby Marylebone – they walk that little extra mile for patients, every day.


JessBorn and raised in London, I studied backstage theatre at college. I always loved creating unique transformations through makeup, so chose to focus my training on SFX makeup. Since then, I have worked in customer-facing roles and find it hugely rewarding to provide excellent service! Outside of work, you’ll normally find me having brunch with friends, travelling, or going to music festivals in the Summer. And when I have an opportunity, I love to practise SFX makeup on friends and family!


I am originally from a small town in Suffolk, but studied in and around Cambridgeshire throughout my teens. I recently moved to London after graduating from Anglia Ruskin University where I obtained by Bachelors Degree in Forensic Science. During my time at University, I worked in a climbing centre as an instructor – which I loved!

I’m hugely into fashion, and love walking around London to see people expressing who they are by what they wear! I also love designing clothes, taking photographs, going to the gym and occasionally doing something crazy (I skydived for my 18th birthday)! On the weekends, you’ll probably find me at home, with a book in my hand whilst listening to one of Frank Ocean’s albums.


JosieI was born in a small mining town in Australia called Tom Price, which is about a day’s drive away from Perth. After moving around a lot, my family relocated to London and we have now been here for the past 8 years! I graduated from university in 2020 having studied English Literature with Film and Theatre; subjects which I’m incredibly passionate about. After graduating, I found work within the entertainment industry, retail and most recently the care sector during the pandemic and have met so many amazing people. I love to cook, write and do anything creative but I especially love to travel! In my spare time and on weekends, you’ll find me out and about with my friends, going to gigs or having a lazy day at home watching films or listening to music.


DeniseI was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina but raised in Los Angeles, United States. Being part of two cultures made me realise how much I enjoy getting to experience other cultures, travelling and seeing how people live differently across the world. At the age of 17, I was working in my dad’s Hardware Store which made me love all things that can be built and designed, such as architecture and furniture and eventually led me to study Industrial Design at University of Buenos Aires. I’ve always found working in caring environments and customer-facing roles rewarding and previously I spent time working as a Healthcare Assistant. I joined the London Vision Clinic team in 2022. I’m a massive music fan and enjoy listening to tango, blues, jazz, rock, punk, you name it! In my spare time, you’ll find me painting, walking about and taking photos.


AntoniaI am originally from South West London and have lived in London my whole life. I have always had a passion for music- I graduated with a music degree from Goldsmiths University in 2020 and have been lucky enough to gig around the UK with different bands. During university, I developed a love for jazz music (although I love a range of genres including soul, indie rock, house and techno!). Staying in London to study was the best decision I ever made- there are so many great venues and it’s such a hub of creativity! Before university, I worked as a dental nurse for a year, where I developed my love for healthcare and helping patients from all walks of life. Working at the London Vision Clinic is so rewarding and it’s great to work with such a supportive team. In my spare time, you’ll usually find me watching my favourite DJs, playing my saxophone, swimming and eating good food!