Nurses at the London Vision Clinic

Nurses at the London Vision Clinic combine art with science. The art is developed through experience with patients. The science comes from the knowledge gained through education and ongoing professional development.

At the London Vision Clinic, nurses play a vital role in every step of the patient process. Before treatment, they conduct tests and imaging on your eyes to provide the data optometrists need to carry out their assessments and provide you with treatment recommendations.

Should you be suitable for treatment, our nurses will sit down with you and provide you with instructions on how to administer your eye drops and post-treatment medications. Of course, they will be happy to answer any clinical questions you may have, before or after treatment.

During treatment, nurses assist surgeons in the operating theatre as they carry out procedures.

After treatment, nurses will repeat visual tests conducted prior to treatment, in order to provide optometrists with the necessary data that informs their aftercare recommendations.

The following are a few of the nurses that have chosen to practice at the London Vision Clinic.

Maria – Lead Nurse


Maria, our Lead nurse, graduated as a nurse in Sweden in 2005. After a few years within different fields of nursing, she decided to move to London in 2007 and shortly after that started working at London Vision Clinic. In her spare time, she likes exploring London by foot, cooking and eating out, going to shows and exhibitions and keeping fit.

“Working at London Vision Clinic is amazing, not only because of all the happy patients we have but also because it’s incredible to work with such a dedicated and hard-working team”

Zuzana – Senior Nurse


Zuzana joined the clinic as a staff nurse in 2005 and experienced lots of great changes as well as significant growth of the clinic team. Since then, she has been promoted to a Senior Nurse and trained a number of new nurses. Zuzana herself had laser eye surgery at London Vision Clinic and ever since she has loved the freedom her new vision has given her. She loves travelling, reading, The Body Coach (recipes and workouts!) and has also recently taken up piano lessons.

“LoVC is a very special place for its patients as well as its employees. Both receive the best in every possible way. I am very happy and proud to have experienced both.”

Angela – Nurse


After training at King’s College London, Angela started her career in dermatology as a laser nurse specialist. After four years in dermatology, Angela wanted a change, and joined our team in July 2012.

In her spare time, she loves to cook, read, paint and spend time outdoors.

“Everyone I have worked with has been professional, friendly, helpful and, most of all, fun. I love my job and I don’t think many people can say that.”

Ciara – Nurse

CiaraCiara graduated from General Nursing at Cork in 2014 and moved straight to London where she then worked in Trauma, Vascular and Orthopaedics in the NHS for over a year. She also spent some time working in a private cosmetic surgery clinic before joining LoVC team. Outside of work, she love to cook, bake and explore London.

“I enjoy being a part of such a hardworking and experienced team, the attention to detail is second to none. Being a part of the patient’s journey before, during and after surgery at LoVC is incredible.”

Megan – Clinic Technician

MeganOriginally from New Zealand, Megan graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Anatomy in 2013. She worked as an Ophthalmic Technician in a Glaucoma Clinic for five years, before moving to London in June 2018 and joining the LoVC team. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring London, travelling, going to the theatre and playing Netball.

“It is a privilege to work with the team at LoVC. Everyone is professional, knowledgeable and extremely supportive and friendly. Working here has made the move to London a breeze.”

Fionnuala – Head of Intraocular and Retinal services


Fionnuala graduated from general nursing in Dublin in 2008. After working and travelling in Australia for over a year, she returned to Dublin where she gained her initial experience in refractive eye surgery. After moving to London in 2012 and joining the LoVC team, she has completed a post-graduate certificate in advanced ophthalmic nursing with the City University London. In her spare time, she enjoys keeping active and enjoying all that London has to offer.

“The attention to detail and professionalism at London Vision Clinic is so apparent; it felt great to become a part of such an experienced team.”

Pooja – Nurse


Pooja graduated from City University in 2014. She then worked as a district nurse for the NHS until she joined our team in 2015. Pooja is passionate about nursing and loves that she has an impact in changing people’s lives. She is a very outgoing and friendly individual, who loves socialising with friends and family. She keeps active by going to the gym every day and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In her spare time she also enjoys travelling and photography.

“I feel privileged to work at London vision clinic; both the patients and the staff are a pleasure to be around. Our happy and friendly patients are a reflection of our excellent customer service provided here at London Vision Clinic. I am very thankful to be part of such a wonderful team!”

Alina – Clinic Technician


Alina graduated from Swansea University in 2017 and joined our team as a Clinic Technician. She loves both witnessing the transformation laser eye treatment delivers and working within a world-class clinic which is leading the way in its field. In her spare time, she enjoys going to concerts, exploring exhibits and museums, learning languages (currently studying Italian), reading and travelling.

Hilde – Nurse


Hilde moved to London after qualifying as a nurse in Norway in 2010. She initially worked in the orthopaedic field, before joining the LoVC nursing team in 2013; she loves the company’s professional and friendly attitude. Hilde is a music lover – particularly fond of jazz – and in her spare time she likes skiing, travelling, reading and cooking (but prefers to eat out!)

“It’s a real pleasure working in the LoVC team. We are not only at the forefront of our field, but work is also such fun.”

Claire – Nurse


Claire moved to the UK, after graduating from General Nursing in Ireland. Initially, she worked in Trauma Orthopaedics before moving to London to further her nursing career. In her spare time, Claire likes to travel, socialise and bake.

“It great to be part of the team here at LOVC. The atmosphere in the clinic is very friendly and welcoming. It’s a privilege to work in such a prestigious clinic.”

Scarlett – Clinic Technician

Scarlett – Clinic Technician

Originally, Scarlett graduated from the University of Westminster with a Biomedical Sciences degree but since then she has enjoyed the change to Optics and the new skills acquired as an Ophthalmic Technician. She enjoys witnessing the transformation laser eye treatment delivers and working within a world-class clinic which is leading the way in its field. In her spare time, she can be found in the kitchen as she loves to cook, travelling, or in the gym.

” I love coming into work each day as part of a team that strives to be the best for their patients. It is an exciting and fast paced environment’.”