Our optometrists

Before we even think about surgery, we need to know about your eyes in microscopic detail. To achieve that, we give every patient the most thorough and rigorous eye exam available anywhere.

Many clinics rely on your current prescription and a relatively basic examination. But we want to be sure we understand every detail of your vision, in all manner of conditions. That’s where the London Vision Clinic’s optometrists come in.

Our optometrists are highly trained eye specialists in their own right, working alongside our surgeons. They are experts in examining and testing your eyes, both for the quality of your vision and for general ocular health. They’re also qualified to diagnose and treat most common eye conditions, and to prescribe and fit glasses – not that ours get that chance very often!

London Vision Clinic optometrists

We are confident that our team of eye specialists includes some of the finest laser optometrists in the UK.

Your optometrist will take you through what will almost certainly be the most rigorous eye exam you will ever have – far more detailed than you’ll find in most laser eye surgery clinics. You’ll need to set aside at least two hours for your Initial Screening appointment (of longer, if you opt for the combined Initial Screening and Ophthalmic Exam).

To qualify, aspiring optometrists have to complete a three-year undergraduate degree in Optometry, plus at least a year’s ‘pre-registration’ practice supervised by an experienced practitioner.

During their training, they learn to use an array of tools and techniques that measure the cornea, the dilation of pupils, the pressure inside the eye and visual performance in all sorts of lighting conditions.

Sharon Ritchie


Sharon joined the team at London Vision Clinic in July 2010 after working in laser eye surgery for nine years. She moved to London from Aberdeen and loves life in the big city – not least the milder weather! Sharon is a keen football fan and is an avid supporter of Arsenal FC. She also enjoys eating out and embracing all that London has to offer.

London Vision Clinic’s world-class expertise, ongoing research and development and patient focus are the main things that attracted her to the clinic. She had her own laser eye surgery at the clinic in 2012 for significant short-sightedness and has been thrilled with the results. She has found her personal experience invaluable when explaining the procedure to her patients and can now ease their apprehension and answer their questions about it having gone through the process herself.

Vimal Piparia


Vimal has been working as an optometrist for fifteen years and has been involved in refractive care, research and training during that period. He joined London Vision Clinic in 2009, after spending two years in Melbourne, working for the Australian College of Optometry, and has enjoyed rediscovering London once more.

Vimal has been fortunate enough to have travelled extensively whilst combining a great passion for food. He is currently working hard to improve his culinary skills and is a ‘budding master chef in the making’.

Brendan Duane


Although a native of Melbourne, Australia, Brendan has been a successful London optometrist for over 14 years, and part of the London Vision Clinic team since 2004.

A keen cricket fan, Brendan isn’t afraid to admit his delight that Australia has regained the precious Ashes. Away from the crease, he enjoys photography and travels widely.

His most recent expeditions have been to remarkably diverse destinations: the high African desert of Ethiopia, the exclusive Arizona wave and the bleak beauty of Antarctica.

Desiree Todd


Desiree Todd joined the team at the London Vision Clinic in late 2008, having previously worked in both research and at a laser eye surgery chain. When asked about her reasons for choosing to work at the London Vision Clinic over other laser eye surgery providers, Desiree said, “I chose to work at the London Vision Clinic as to me it offers the epitome of what laser surgery is all about: advanced technology combined with world class standards of patient care.”

Originally from Northern Ireland, Desiree is a keen sportswoman, having show jumped and evented from an early age. She also enjoys snowboarding and running – making do with slightly less green space in London compared to Ireland!

Since joining the London Vision Clinic, Desiree has had laser eye surgery. Her prescription before surgery was -6.00/-1.50 x 169 and -6.75/-4.25 x 6 , making her highly astigmatic.

Rupalee Khiroya


Rupalee is the most recent addition to the Optometrist team, having joined the London Vision Clinic in 2014. Rupalee is originally from the Midlands, but after qualifying as an optometrist in 2004 she spent the next 10 years living in Manchester while gaining experience in different independent and chain optometry stores and a laser surgery chain. Her career has varied from lecturing students in Ghana for the charity Vision Aid Overseas to fitting cosmetic contact lenses for actors in TV and film. She moved to London in the summer of 2014 and thrives in this new, fast paced and varied environment.

In her spare time, Rupalee loves travelling the world and at home she enjoys working out in muddy military bootcamp style classes and has enjoyed popular races such as Wolf Run and Tough Mudder.

Connie McEvoy


Originally from Co.Tyrone in Northern Ireland, Connie qualified as an optometrist in Manchester in 1992. By the late 1990s she was aware of the huge part that laser procedures were going to play in sight correction and was keen to get involved.

She moved to London from Manchester in 2000 and worked for several years with a laser eye surgery chain and then an independent laser provider.

Since joining London Vision Clinic in March 2008, she is now in the privileged position of being at the leading edge of advances in refractive laser surgery, working within a fantastically supportive and enthusiastic team, to ensure that our patients get the best possible care.

Away from the clinic she enjoys live music, comedy and theatre. Connie used to pride herself on having a full social life but nowadays seem to spend a large proportion of her spare time taxiing her daughter to her parties!

Alexandra Lyons

Alexandra has been working in laser vision correction since 2002, and joined the team at the London Vision Clinic in January 2007. She believes that standards of service and personal care are just as important as the quality of the treatment itself.

‘For me,’ she says, ‘the London Vision Clinic is the perfect mix of excellence in clinical work and excellence in patient care. It’s a real pleasure.’

As an optometrist, Alexandra is keenly aware of the importance of good vision. ‘I haven’t had laser surgery, as I’m very fortunate to have good eyesight,’ she says. ‘ But it’s just unthinkable to me not to be able to see what I’m doing. I really enjoy “the big smile” when patients find they can see without their spectacles!’

A native of Cheltenham, in Gloucestershire, Alexandra now lives in Battersea, south London, and enjoys making the most of the city.

Emma Brandon


Emma is not only an experienced and highly skilled optometrist; she has also been a patient at the London Vision Clinic. In typical optometrist fashion, she can reel off her exact prescription before laser vision correction: OD – 6.00/-3.00 X 10; OS – 6.50/ -3.00 X 180. In short, around -9 dioptres, or very short-sighted.

Emma even recalls the date of her surgery: 8 August 2006. It’s a date she says she’ll never forget. ‘Having had a lot of myopia and astigmatism beforehand, I have found it a life-changing experience,’ she says of her treatment.

Away from the Clinic, Emma is a devoted mountaineer, having recently climbed the Mount Ararat – although as a native Londoner she often has to make do with the local climbing wall. In fact, she enjoys a host of outdoor pursuits such as skiing, which she says has been ‘completely revolutionised’ by her laser vision correction.

Vesna Drazic


Vesna joined the London Vision Clinic team in 2014. She has lived in London for 13 years, but prior to that she lived in Melbourne, where she graduated as an optometrist in 1991. Vesna had known about London Vision Clinic for some time before joining us, and even had her own laser eye surgery here in 2013!

When she’s not at work, Vesna loves to travel, especially sampling the culinary delights from around the world. She enjoyed all kinds of sports as a child, and now particularly enjoys skiing (she is keen to perfect her technique eventually!)