Lost Glasses and Steamed Up Lenses: Time to Get Rid!

It happens to the best of us. You need your reading glasses but when you go to grab them from your bag, or you desk, or your head, they’re no longer there! You’ve left them somewhere… Again! (Queue frustration and mild self-loathing.)

Here’s our list of the top-ten most common places to misplace your specs:…

Essential Advice to Maintain Your Eye Health

Essential Advice on Eye Health

Last year, National Eye Health Week reminded us all of the importance of regular eye tests. It’s recommended we have our eyes examined at least every two years, not only to ensure they’re healthy, but also to check for changes to our current prescriptions….

Top Tips: How to Eat Seasonally For Better Vision

Here at London Vision Clinic, as much as we love to see you, we encourage you to keep your eyes healthy by eating healthily for get a better vision. Your diet and choosing to eat the right foods can prevent long term eye problems later in life. In season vegetables can be incorporated into fun and inventive recipes that are both healthily delicious and good for your vision!…

10 Amazing Eye Facts That Will Change How You See The World

Eyes are complex organs, so it’s really important to take care of them with the best specialists. Some scientists have even called them a wonder of nature. How they enable you to see is a fascinating biological process. We’d like to share with you 10 fascinating facts about your eyes that you might not know….

London Vision Clinic’s Top Tips to Avoid Eye Strain

In this crazy, modern, techy world that we live in, we don’t take it easy on our eyes. Today many jobs require that we spend hours and hours in front of computer screens. Many people even elect to read on computer screens rather than actual books. With that being said, books are sometimes not much of an optical improvement. Eye strain can cause dryness, migraines and, later down the road, permanent vision problems….

Your Eyes: Separating the Facts and the Fiction

The World Health Organisation states that 80% of the world’s blindness and serious visual impairment is preventable. There are certainly many myths and home-remedies about how to do just that. In fact, everybody has an idea about what is good or bad for your eyes but what is the truth behind it all? Here are some of the best-loved eye-related claims and the truth on the matter….

What are the Finance Options for Laser Eye Surgery?

What are the Finance Options for Laser Eye Surgery? There’s no getting around it: High-quality Laser Eye Surgery isn’t cheap. So many people are relieved to find out that, as with many other investments, finance options are often available for Laser Eye Surgery – including here at the London Vision Clinic. Napoleon is widely credited with referring to England as a nation of shopkeepers (or l’Angleterre est une nation de boutiquiers); a comment that was meant to be derisive; however,…