Mr Glenn Carp Explains The Laser Eye Surgery Process

Laser eye surgeon Mr Glenn Carp, explains the Laser Eye Surgery process at the London Vision Clinic.

Initial Screening

Well, a typical treatment from the patient’s perspective is very, very simple. We have an extensive initial screening period, an ophthalmic exam where we gain as much information from the patient as well as by examining their eyes. We do a number of scans. All of the information is used.

On The Day Of The Surgery

There’s nothing that we do here that’s redundant and our main aim is just to ensure that we have optimised every little aspect from a safety point of view, as well as, what we hope to achieve through our findings and obviously our planning. On the day of surgery, we have one of the nurses who goes through all the after care and treatments. We have a masseuse who spends a bit of time with them as well. Once again, just looking at it from a holistic point of view, we want our patients relaxed on the day of surgery.

The Laser Eye Surgery Treatment

The treatment itself is very, very easy. In truth the patient, and I know this from my own personal experience having had surgery, the patient lies back, looks up at a little green flashing light, 20 minutes later, it is all done. We have a recovery area where patients can relax after their treatment and when they’re feeling comfortable, normally after about five to ten minutes, they’re ready and welcome to go home.


Our after care is also quite rigorous, we see all of our patients on day one. We will see them again at about two to three weeks, three months, six months and of course at one year. And we try to stick to those protocols quite strictly, so as to make sure that our patients are healing on track and also from our side, so we can gain as much information from them. So, as we can continuously hone our outcomes at the end of the day.