Short-sighted ICL surgery results, distance

Here, we take a look at our ICL surgery results for short-sightedness in more detail.

The results are based on an analysis of 157 consecutive procedures, all performed here at London Vision Clinic by our team of expert refractive eye surgeons.

PDF Document: short sight (myopia) ICL correction results, distance

Professor Reinstein’s results for very high myopia and extreme myopia up to -18D including astigmatism up to 6.5DC can be summarised as follows:

  • More patients saw 20/20 after ICL surgery without glasses than were able to see 20/20 before surgery with glasses.
  • Over 40% of these extremely short-sighted eyes are seeing better without glasses than before surgery with glasses.
  • Overall 97% of ICL patients treated for extremely high myopia see within 1 chart line of their pre-op best spectacle-corrected vision.
  • In safety terms, no eye lost 2 chart lines of the best spectacle-corrected vision. The 95% confidence interval for this statistic is between 0.0% and 0.023% (or 1 in 4,000).
  • In accuracy terms, the refractive correction for these extremely short-sighted eyes was within 0.50 D of the target in 75% of eyes and within 1.00D in 96%.
  • The refraction was stable over the 1 year follow-up period after surgery.
  • The correction of astigmatism was extremely accurate for corrections up to 6.50 DC.