Our laser eye surgery technology is carefully selected, tested and perfected

Laser Eye Surgery Technology
The array of testing equipment that helps our specialists carry out the necessary scans to evaluate your suitability for laser eye surgery.

As you’d expect, world-class surgeons demand world-class laser eye surgery technology. But we don’t simply buy the latest equipment and assume it will help us get the results we aim for. We take a ‘best of breed‘ approach, testing and comparing every option personally.

For world-class surgeons like ours, nothing short of perfection will do. Which is why, at the London Vision Clinic, you will find standards of technology unsurpassed by any other laser eye surgery clinic.

Once they’ve selected a piece of equipment, our surgical team examines it in detail, from the simplest examination tools to the LASIK laser technology itself, making as many refinements as necessary to be sure it meets their exacting standards.

The laser eye surgery technology you need – at no extra charge

Many laser eye surgery clinics offer certain scanning or laser options for an additional charge. Wavefront guided treatment, for example, uses a highly accurate scan of the eye to account for minute aberrations in vision. Not only is wavefront included in the standard fee at the London Vision Clinic, we have also developed an even more effective and personalised version called a Power Wavefront treatment.

Equally, you may have heard about a treatment that uses a ‘femtosecond’ laser instead of a blade to cut the corneal flap required for LASIK surgery. A femtosecond is equal to 10-15 seconds (0.000000000000001 seconds). This laser produces extremely short pulses of energy, each lasting only 220 femtoseconds.

We use the Carl Zeiss Meditec VisuMax, the latest (3rd) generation femtosecond laser which is more precise and energy-efficient than any other system. The VisuMax is also the only femtosecond laser that does not increase the pressure inside the eye and hence you will feel nothing during treatment. Because of the unique accuracy, the VisuMax is the only femtosecond laser that can enable the keyhole form of LASIK: ReLEx SMILE.

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Other side benefits which are important to you as a patient, include the least chance of leaving the white-of-the-eye surrounded by little red marks (sub-conjunctival haemorrhages) that although harmless, are unsightly, can take weeks to resolve and are common with older types of femtosecond technology. The Carl Zeiss Visumax too is included in our normal fee.

Pioneering laser technology

In some cases, London Vision Clinic surgeons have actually helped develop the laser technology themselves. Professor Reinstein co-invented the revolutionary Artemis Insight 100™ corneal scanner, the only scanner capable of revealing individual layers of corneal tissue. Today, we are one of a handful of clinics in the world with an Artemis Insight 100™.

Prof Reinstein is the principal medical consultant for Carl Zeiss Meditec, manufacturers of world-class optical and laser technology. He was part of the Zeiss team that developed the MEL80 and now the MEL90 which has proven to be the most accurate LASIK laser in the world (according to the rigorous US FDA trials), and has worked with them on extending their range of laser eye surgery to treatments for very high prescriptions and the effects of ageing (presbyopia). Indeed, Professor Reinstein holds several patents relating to laser eye surgery.

Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant! Prior to surgery I was depressed at the deterioration of my eye sight. I was wholly reliant on lenses, my -8 prescription was worsening and to top it all my close-up vision was now dire too. I couldn’t read small to medium print and I couldn’t see far away – now I can. I have no adverse effects. I’m now taking miracles for granted. Thank you”