Topography and tomography

How does it feel?

You feel nothing as the instrument does not make contact with your eye.

How does it benefit you?

Topography and tomography are some of the most important safety factors in determining your suitability for laser eye surgery. It is important that both topography and tomography be performed at your pre-operative screening.

Topography (measured using instruments such as the Atlas or Keratron) provides the most accurate measurement of the front surface of your eye.

Tomography (measured using instruments such as the MS-39, Pentacam, Orbscan and Galilei) measures the shape of both the front and back surfaces of the cornea, and the thickness profile of your cornea. The information provided by this 3D map of your cornea is essential for determining whether there are any corneal abnormalities or if it is too thin for surgery to be safe.

In patients with very irregular corneas, topography-guided treatments can be performed to achieve a more regular corneal shape.