Can I Go Blind After Laser Eye Surgery? [VIDEO]

Essentially, no. Technically there is an exceedingly small risk of blindness with laser eye surgery but it is lower than the risk of wearing monthly contact lenses for one year, so a risk that everyone seems to accept as perfectly reasonable.

Strictly, the answer to this question (in theory) is yes, but for all practical considerations, it is extremely unlikely. In fact, Laser Eye surgery is one of the safest medical procedures carried out.

As our expert Laser Eye Surgeon Mr Glenn Carp describes in the short video below, there is an incredibly small chance of going blind as a result of Laser Eye Surgery. But, it is vital to know and understand the risks.

There have been cases from around the world of people losing extensive vision after Laser Eye Surgery, however, these are extremely rare, and with today’s knowledge and cutting edge technology, ever more unlikely to occur.

Further, as Mr Carp states in the video, it would be highly unlikely to arrive in a predicament where a patient lost all their vision. For this to happen, it would take a series of events to arise in succession, remain undiagnosed and/or ignored. This is almost unheard of, particularly among leading Laser Eye Surgery surgeons, who have lengthy screening and assessment processes to help prevent any unexpected complications.

As you can see losing your vision as a result of surgery is very rare indeed.

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