Choosing a London eye doctor

Choosing a London eye doctor should not be a matter of simply opening the telephone directory. While a safe and quick procedure, laser eye treatment is still surgery and should be treated with the same careful consideration you would any other medical procedure.

Tips to help you find the right London eye doctor

  • Finding a London eye doctor should not be based on price. More expensive procedures are usually performed by more experienced surgeons and include post-surgery care.
  • Do not fall for marketing gimmicks. A London eye doctor that claims to be able to give you 20/20 vision with one procedure should not be trusted. Laser eye surgery usually requires a follow up visit and results always vary from patient to patient.
  • Ask your regular optometrist for a referral to a trusted London eye doctor.
  • Only registered ophthalmologists are legally allowed to perform laser eye surgery. Check your chosen London eye doctor’s credentials before agreeing to undergo any procedures.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your London eye doctor some pressing questions. Your surgeon should have no less than three years experience and have already performed at least 500 similar procedures. You can also ask for the names of people who have had similar surgery to find out about their experiences.
  • Feel free to get a second opinion. A consultation with a London eye doctor does not have to mean that you are obliged to follow through with the procedure.
  • Trust your instincts. You should never choose a London eye doctor that you are not comfortable with. Laser eye surgery is a delicate procedure and could be hindered if you are uneasy with the doctor.

Why Choose London Vision Clinic?

When looking for the right London eye doctor for your needs, look no further than the London Vision Clinic. The three doctors on call at the clinic, Professor Reinstein and Mr Carp, are both highly qualified and experienced laser surgery practitioners with a friendly demeanour that puts patients at ease.

The specialists personally conduct an initial screening on each and every patient and these London eye doctors are not afraid to tell you when laser eye surgery would not be to your benefit. London Vision Clinic’s eye surgery results are unsurpassed the world over, giving you peace if mind that you will receive the best possible outcome for your eyes. The after surgery care offered by London Vision Clinic is above standard, with a personal check up following surgery and the personal mobile number of your surgeon in case of emergency.

Read the testimonials of London Vision Clinic’s many satisfied patients and find out why they chose these London eye doctors. Then contact the clinic today to book your screening and start down the path to better vision!