A Guide to LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK surgery is the most common of all laser eye surgeries performed and the procedure has, to date, allowed many individuals across the world regain their waning eyesight. LASIK surgery corrects refractive errors caused by the shape of a patient’s cornea which causes light to enter the eye in the incorrect fashion. This form of surgery means that you will be rid of your previous reliance on glasses or contact lenses, giving you a new outlook on life, with added freedom.

Are You a Suitable Candidate for LASIK Surgery?

LASIK eye surgery has become more popular as the technology supporting it has advanced and it is an ideal option for to treat patients who suffer from following eye conditions, including:

  • Short-sightedness (myopia) – sufferers of this condition battle to focus on objects in the distance. Myopia makes activities that require distant vision (driving, watching television and playing sport) very difficult.
  • Long-sightedness (hyperopia) – this condition prevents the sufferer from focusing on near objects. Often, people that suffer from hyperopia experience headaches from straining their eyes to read small print.
  • Presbyopia (ageing eye) – this condition is associated with eyes that over time, lose their ability to shift focus as distance decreases.
  • Astigmatism (irregular shaped cornea) – due to the improperly shaped cornea, this condition results in a distortion of images.

The Benefits of LASIK Surgery

  • LASIK eye surgery offers the fastest recovery time of any laser eye treatment. This means you will back to your old routine in no time, with the benefit of being able to see the world clearly without the hassles of glasses.
  • It takes just 15 minutes to treat both eyes with LASIK surgery which means that the procedure doesn’t encroach on your schedule.
  • No anaesthetic is required and patients stay awake during the procedure. There is no groggy after-effects and you will be functioning normally immediately after the surgery.
  • The procedure itself is virtually painless and the least painful of all laser eye surgeries. You will experience a little discomfort, but there are no needles or pain involved in the procedure.
  • LASIK surgery makes glasses and contact lenses redundant, reduces the costs of up-keep and spending on expensive solutions and eradicates the hassles of breaking, losing or fumbling with eyewear.
  • It gives patients an improved quality of life and a new-found freedom to enjoy activities that they were previously unable to.

The LASIK Surgery Procedure

Before you can have LASIK surgery, you will need to undergo a thorough screening to determine your eligibility for the procedure. This initial screening involves a careful examination of the cornea, to ensure that it is thick enough to withstand the treatment. During this process, your surgeon will also check whether any other ocular conditions are present. Once you are deemed a suitable candidate for LASIK surgery, the ophthalmic surgeon maps the contours of the cornea to ensure absolute precision for your laser treatment.

During the procedure itself, the LASIK surgeon uses a laser to create a very thin, circular flap of tissue in the outer cornea. This flap is then cut away and moved aside to create a working space for the reshaping to take place. Reshaping the cornea changes and channels the refraction of light, resulting in improved vision that is virtually instantaneous.

Once the LASIK procedure has been completed – the cornea will have been corrected and adjusted – the surgeon will replace the corneal flap to allow it to heal naturally and quickly. Most patients can resume normal activities or be back at work within 24 hours. Post-surgery, patients are advised to visit their eye clinic for regular check ups and may also be prescribed post-operative ophthalmic medication.

London Vision Clinic and LASIK Eye Surgery

The London Vision Clinic boasts world-class laser eye surgeons who offer customised treatments to address your individual needs. If you suffer from an eye condition and are considering laser eye surgery, contact one of our Patient Care Coordinators on 0207 224 1005 to set up a screening.