Do you have long-sightedness? We have a cure.

If you are long-sighted, your eyeball is shorter and flatter than it needs to be.

That means it focuses the light on a point just behind the retina, creating a blurred image. Hyperopia affects near vision first, and later in life both distance and near vision. Often, if you’re long-sighted, you can sharpen near objects with a conscious effort, which tends to cause headaches.

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About long-sightedness:

What Long-sightedness looks like…

Longsighteness, also known as hyperopia, is when the eyeball is slightly shorter and fatter than the eye’s lens requires, so that the point of focus is not directly on the retina (where the image is formed), but at a point some way behind it.

As a result, long-sightedness sufferers can see distant objects well, but have difficulty focusing on objects that are near. Sufferers of mild long-sightedness can often sharpen the image of close objects by making a conscious effort to focus and long-sightedness may therefore lead to headaches.

Long-sightedness is a relatively common condition affecting about one in every four people. People usually inherit long-sightedness , and nearly all babies actually start life hyperopic – this hyperopic condition lessens as they grow.

Treating long-sightedness

Many long-sighted patients find that their eyesight has deteriorated slowly over time. Although this is quite normal, it can be frustrating for someone who grew up with good vision to find they now need glasses to read and perform close work.

We can treat long-sightedness with laser eye surgery. That usually means no more glasses, no more fiddly contact lenses, and no more headaches from forcing things into focus.

So if you have long-sightedness, we can almost certainly help. Find out if you are suitable for hyperopia treatment at the London Vision Clinic by contacting on of our Patient Care Coordinators on 0207 224 1005 or by completing our online enquiry form

Ralf finds a cure for his long-sightedness

Ralf, a patient, reflects on some of his challenges with wearing glasses and why he chose to pursue laser eye surgery as a solution.

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