Glasses Or Contact Lenses – What’s My Best Option?

When we talk to our short-sighted patients, there are always two teams: those who just love their contact lenses and only wear their glasses to get from their bed to the bathroom and those who cannot stand fiddling around with those little things. To stop the quarrelling we made a list of Pro’s and Con’s for glasses and contact lenses.

“Team Glasses” Says: Everyone Can Wear Them

It is true: many people are not just too clumsy to fit the tiny lenses into their eyes, but they are simply not suitable for contact lenses. There are several possible reasons why you might have to stick with your glasses. So why does “Team Glasses” say specs are the better choice? Well: everyone can wear glasses.

“Team Contacts” Are Bothered By A Framed Vision

Now those who are happily wearing their contact lenses on the other hand argue that constantly having a frame around vision bothers them.

It is also difficult to find the right pair of glasses for the varying shapes and sizes of the human face!

After some to-ing and fro-ing we realised that neither contacts or glasses had many advantages…

Glasses – Pros

  • Everyone can wear them!
  • If you’re super hip and you can spend the money on super hip glasses they can increase your coolness – even if you don’t need a prescription!

Contacts – Pros

  • There is no useless frame around your vision!
  • If your glasses are not adding to your coolness, you can avoid looking silly by wearing contact lenses.

Glasses – Cons

  • They easily break when someone accidentlly sits on them.
  • When you want to do sports they can fall off and break or simply bother you – especially with sports like diving or skiing.
  • You’ve got to remember so much all the time – it isn’t hard to forget where you put your glasses.
  • Let’s face it – your glasses can leave ugly marks on your nose.

Contacts – Cons

  • Everyone who wears contacts knows this: “Where did it go?!”
  • Contacts might be better for some sports but can certainly be just as annoying when you want to go swimming or in extreme weather conditions.
  • When you sleep over at a friend’s house or go on holiday, you might forget the case or contact lens solution!
  • Contact lenses bare a high risk of irritating your eyes.

And so on… and on… and on… and on!

As it turned out there are so many disadvantages that both “Team Glasses” and “Team Contacts” are envious of those lucky people out there with perfect vision.

To my surprise almost all of them – whether they preferred to wear glasses or contact lenses – had thought about Laser Eye Surgery at some point.

The London Vision Clinic answers a large number of questions regarding Laser Eye Surgery in the FAQ section that you might find just as interesting as my discussion-loving friends. Because let’s face it: whether you are wearing contact lenses or glasses, neither is the perfect solution – what we all really want is perfect vision.

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