Scar Tissue And Laser Eye Surgery

A not so common issue, but still one that we continually see is that of scar tissue on the eyes. Scar tissue can occur at any point in a person’s life due to a physically or traumatic incident such as a car or sports accident. Additionally, it can also be the result of certain medical conditions. This can cause distorted and blurred vision and in some cases, this can even result in discomfort. Not all conditions that result in scar tissue are applicable for corrective eye surgery. However, renovations in laser eye surgery have made it possible to operate in some cases and patients have seen major improvements.

What is Artemis Insight 100? [Video]

What is Artemis Insight 100? As a procedure that’s based on technology, you won’t go long reading about Laser Eye Surgery until you hear about “Artemis”. The Greek goddess of the moon and hunting, Artemis possessed special abilities including perfect aim with a bow and arrow and the ability to heal others of disease. Although it’s not the very same Artemis you uncover when researching Laser Eye Surgery, the fact they share the same name is no coincidence. Born out…