Scar Tissue And Laser Eye Surgery

Scar Tissue and Laser Eye Surgery

A less common issue—but one we continually see—is scar tissue on the eyes.

Scar tissue can occur at any point in a person’s life due to a physically traumatic incident such as a car or sports accident. Additionally, it can occur as the result of certain medical conditions.

Some of the problems scar tissue can cause include distorted and blurred vision and, in some cases, discomfort in the eye. Unfortunately, not all patients who have scar tissue are candidates for Laser Eye Surgery. However, innovations in laser technology have made it possible to operate in a growing number of cases, and many patients have subsequently seen major improvements.

London Vision Clinic is one of the few clinics in the world to use Artemis Insight 100 Insight VHF digital ultrasound scanning technology—the most accurate method of determining the depth and extent of scarring in the cornea.

Developed by Professor Dan Reinstein with colleagues at Cornell University, New York, this ultrasound scanner is able to measure individual corneal layers in 3D to the measure of 1 micron precision (100th the width of a human hair). This is one of the reasons why London Vision Clinic is one of the most recognized complication repair clinics in the world.

An insight from a Laser Eye Surgery patient with scar tissue

Irene’s eyes were injured by a spark from firewood when she was a child. This caused permanent scar tissue on her eyes and affected her vision daily.

At first Irene wasn’t particularly optimistic about being a candidate for Laser Eye Surgery, let alone seeing dramatic results. However, as she went through the range of tests, measurements, and scans, she became increasingly confident in the whole process.

She recalls that the tests were painless and that everyone was extremely friendly, which put her at complete ease. Soon afterwards, Irene met with her laser eye surgeon (in this case Professor Reinstein) to talk about the procedure and her doubts and concerns. It wasn’t long before she was fully on-board and looking forward to having the surgery.

As expected, the surgery was another success story and Irene was thrilled with the results, even called it a life-changing experience.

Artemis Insight 100 Insight technology and Laser Eye Surgery repair work

For a more detailed look at the unique applications of Artemis Insight 100 Insight VHF digital ultrasound technology, check out the lecture below by expert laser eye surgeon Professor Dan Reinstein.

Below is another lecture by Professor Reinstein on the unique fix up and therapeutic repair capabilities enabled by Artemis Insight 100 Insight technology.

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