How long does laser eye surgery last?

How long does Laser Eye Surgery last? One of the most common questions we get here at London Vision Clinic is “how long does Laser Eye Surgery last?”. For a procedure that can be performed in a matter of minutes, it makes sense that some patients may be dubious about how long-lasting the effects might be. There are a lot of myths out there about Laser Eye Surgery – myths that we are trying to stamp out. That’s why we…

How exactly does laser vision correction work? [VIDEO]

Laser vision correction works on the principal whereby when light enters the eye, it is bent incorrectly to meet at a finite point at the retina, so by applying a laser to the surface of the eye we are able to change the shape of the surface of the eye to correspond to the refractive error that the patient has and thereby allowing the light to be properly focused, so that it reaches the actual retinal plane in a very precise manner….