How long does Laser Eye Surgery last?

Mr Glenn Carp conducting a laser eye surgery test

For a procedure that can be performed in less than 12 minutes, you’d be right in questioning how long its effects last.

That’s without even mentioning ReLEx SMILE, the latest treatment to come out of the industry, that only takes several minutes to conduct. This even shorter treatment time also means less time spent in recovery, and potentially even more scepticism.

I mean, it’s not often you hear someone can have surgery one morning and be back at work the very next day — surely there must be a catch.

Well, just like many modern advances in medical technology, there isn’t a catch (except maybe the price). What’s more, eye surgery is unique in that it benefits from several advantages compared to the rest of the body, such as the relatively easy access to the eye and the incredible healing powers of the cornea. Combined with the latest technology, this means surgeons can adjust your vision with quick and minimally-invasive techniques.

This is to say Laser Eye Surgery does not safeguard your vision from the effects of ageing eyes — otherwise known as presbyopia — which tends to set in around middle age. To correct against presbyopia a simple enhancement procedure or reading glasses may be necessary.

How Laser Eye Surgery changes your vision

The laser is programmed according to your individual measurements and prescription, whether it be shortsightedness (myopia), longsightedness (hyperopia), or astigmatism. It is then used to reshape your cornea, eliminating the tissue that causes the imperfections in your vision.

Reshaping the corneal curvature through the removal of tissue negates the idea that your vision can regress to its original standard after Laser Eye Surgery. For this to occur the severity of your prescription would have to progress — an unlikely occurrence that can be ruled out by making sure you have a stable prescription before you have surgery.

Unfortunately, no matter how thorough your initial consultation or how brilliant your surgeon, you can not avoid the effects of ageing on the eyes. And I’m not talking about crow’s feet — presbyopia, which literally translates to “old eye”, typically begins around the age of forty five and affects nearly everyone.

Presbyopia describes how, with age, the lens of the eye loses its ability to focus on objects in your near vision. This normally results in the need for reading glasses but can also today be resolved with a revolutionary Laser Eye Surgery technique known as PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision.

Aside from the body’s natural ageing process, the effects of Laser Eye Surgery can last a lifetime. This is why we advise patients to not delay in booking their consultation so they get the most out of having clear and hassle-free vision.

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