Can I Have Laser Eye Surgery If I Have Night Vision Disturbances? [VIDEO]

Can I Have Laser Eye Surgery If I Have Night Vision Disturbances? Traditionally, Laser Eye Surgery has had some limitations which meant that certain patients were unsuitable for treatment. This may have been due to the extent of their prescription, the thickness of the corneas, or the presence of certain health conditions. But while some of these limitations may remain, advancements in technology and expertise mean that more people are now suitable for treatment than ever before – including those…

Will I Receive Anaesthesia During Laser Eye Surgery Treatment? [VIDEO]

Laser eye surgery is performed using topical anaesthetic. There is no need for a general anaesthetic as the topical drops themselves are sufficient to basically completely anaesthetize the cornea and that is the area where all the treatment is being done. On top of that the patient actually needs to be awake, they need to be alert so that they can respond to the surgeon’s commands and in a sense look in the right direction toward certain target points which will facilitate their treatment and make it more reliable….

Laser Eye Surgery Costs: Factors That Create Confusion

We’ve noticed that one of the most popular pages on our website is about laser eye surgery costs. So, we’ve decided to conduct a comparison of fees that range across the laser eye service providers to provide some context about this subject. Understand some of the specific factors that create confusion in laser eye surgery pricing across clinics….

Laser Eye Surgery: The Results Beyond the Numbers

In recent years, the choice of binning the specs seems a far more attractive notion, with the increase of successful statistical results reported and development of the laser technology, it is not surprising that thousands of people in the UK choose laser eye surgery year after year. Although these numbers are convincing, thousands of people choose to have laser eye surgery for benefits that have little to do with laser eye surgery statistics….