Laser Eye Surgery: Home or Abroad?

Laser Eye Surgery: Home or Abroad? We’re living in a new world, a world dominated by the Coronavirus Pandemic, even forgetting our exit from the European Union. It’s probably fair to say that travelling abroad will never be the same again. However, many still consider going overseas for elective surgery to be cheaper than being treated in the UK. And, what could be better: going abroad and getting some sun, and at the same time, saving money on a treatment…

Is it worth travelling to London for Laser Eye Surgery if you live in Leeds?

Is it worth travelling to London for Laser Eye Surgery if you live in Leeds? Getting from Leeds to London used to be an awkward affair that took an age to plan and even longer to arrive. Today within less than two and a half hours you can be in the nation’s capital, sipping a hot latte down by the Thames or exploring the depths of The British Museum, all for the cost of a nice lunch in Leeds (well, maybe…

Travelling Freedom After Laser Eye Surgery

Whether you like to spend your holidays on the beach or prefer active and exciting trips to destinations far and wide: Everyone loves to go on holiday! However, if you need contact lenses or wear glasses then you’ll be familiar with the additional hassle of remembering to pack your cleansing solution, or contacts to your already bulging toiletry bag. Then there’s the issue of glasses getting scratched in the sand or worse – lost! As you know, if you are one of the people who require vision aid, there are a number of things to consider before travelling….

Essential Advice On Eye Health

Essential Advice on Eye Health

Last year, National Eye Health Week reminded us all of the importance of regular eye tests. It’s recommended we have our eyes examined at least every two years, not only to ensure they’re healthy, but also to check for changes to our current prescriptions….