Can I Go On Holiday Shortly After Having Laser Eye Surgery?

If you plan on going on holiday by car shortly after having Laser Eye Surgery you should remember that you will probably have to wait until your first day after surgery to drive. 98% of our patients are up to legal driving standard or better at that time. We tend to ask patients to take one day off – the day after their surgery, to reside in a relaxed environment and take time to adjust to their new vision and get used to placing the lubricant drops in their eyes.

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“There is no reason you shouldn’t go on holiday immediately after Laser Eye Surgery. However, we would like to know when and where you are going because we want to look after your eyes after surgery and this information is useful for us to ensure your post-operative care has been addressed properly.”

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“I had many problems visually which would have excluded me from lasik surgery at other retail outfits i.e, toxoplasnosis, squint, very limited vision (L) eye and +7.50 to (R) eye. Prof. Reinstein provided me lasik to both eyes and at the moment my Rx has been reduced to +3.50. This has made a great dead of difference to the cosmetic look of my glasses. It’s early days at the moment”. Gavin

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