What’s Included In Laser Eye Surgery Costs?

Many eye clinics attract patients by keeping Laser Eye Surgery costs low by treating a high turnover of patients (limiting themselves to simpler cases and offering a reduced standard of care). At London Vision Clinic, perfection is our minimum standard.

Here, every test and treatment you need is at no extra charge and we drive to give you the best possible results of the surgery. We believe your vision is too precious to risk for a discounted Laser Eye Surgery costs.

At London Vision Clinic we offer a transparent pricing structure, there are also affordable monthly terms (zero interest) and everything included!

Our Fully-Transparent Pricing Structure

Three different treatments, affordable monthly terms, zero-interest, and everything included.

The monthly Laser Eye Surgery costs quoted above are based on Approved Interest-Free Credit at 24 months and are valid until 30th November 2021. Monthly fees will be lower after the payment of a £500 initial investment.

If you are considering laser vision correction, you will find yourself bombarded with options, each claiming to offer high standards of treatment.  What’s different about the London Vision Clinic? We offer every patient a unique combination of world-class benefits for the cost of Laser Eye Surgery:

  • Our results are world renowned and second to none
  • We are the leading safety experts when it comes to Laser Eye Surgery
  • We have the most rigorous screening available anywhere
  • We are not just for the rich and famous – we offer financing plans and deferred payment schemes
  • We can treat 98% of people; including those with very high prescriptions
  • We are experts for TV programmes such as 10 Years Younger and Extreme Makeover
  • You can say goodbye to reading glasses
  • Our surgeons have more specialist training
  • We are the only UK Laser Eye Surgery clinic with ISO-9001
  • You’ll experience 5-star service at our Harley Street Clinic

Best of all, we can validate all of our claims.

Contact a Patient Care Coordinator at 020 7224 1005 to discuss the costs further and what is included.