A day in the life of Dan Reinstein: Founder of London Vision Clinic

What is a day in the life like of a doctor who holds multiple postgraduate qualifications, is a fellow of three sub-speciality regulatory bodies, works on a team that designs leading technology, and is among the best in the world at what they do?

One word: Busy.

With such a hectic schedule and a highly sought after skill set, there’s never a dull moment in the day-to-day life of Prof Reinstein. In fact, it would be much easier to list the things he doesn’t get up to than does. But this would be doing him and you an injustice; gaining an insight into his life offers not only an invaluable lesson for the trainee doctor and aspiring Laser Eye Surgeon, but a masterclass in determination and grit for people of all ages and career paths.

On a typical day, if he’s not speaking at a medical conference halfway around the world or making critical judgement calls on an international meeting panel, Prof Reinstein wakes up at his small family home in the West End, London, where he lives with his wife, Ursula, and their four children.

As most of his day is spent performing surgery and seeing patients before and after procedures, it usually starts early with a rigorous gym session. Prof Reinstein works closely with a trainer who pushes him hard and helps him combat neck and shoulder tension, allowing him to stay in great shape and maintain complete control throughout the day.

While flexing his pecs, his wife Ursula gets the kids ready for school and serves up a very hearty breakfast: Alpen with fresh fruit. Everything is in walking distance from his home, so he’s able to get showered, fed, dressed, and arrive at his Harley Street-based clinic with the same efficiency for which he’s become so well known.

You could call what Prof Reinstein does his ‘work’, but it would be more fitting to label it as love or passion. When he talks about the eye, it’s impossible not to get infected by his enthusiasm and be awe-inspired by his incredibly detailed knowledge. One of his favourite parts of the day is the start of the procedure; he explains how looking into the eye is like peering into another universe — a universe he can get so lost in that if a bomb were to go off next door, he probably wouldn’t hear it.

As Prof Reinstein is still human, he needs to stop every now and again to keep his body well fuelled: coffee, plenty of water, and a hearty salad keeps him going until it’s time to clock off.

Like most of us, Prof Reinstein’s evenings are his time to switch off, spend time with the family, and simply chill out. What this normally looks like for him is watching a film with the kids, cooking a nice meal with Ursula, or heading down the local jazz club to blow off some steam and pump out some rhythmic blues with his old friend, the saxophone.

Prof Reinstein’s day normally ends with one of the simplest and yet greatest pleasures our vision affords us: reading a good book. Rather appropriately, he leaves it up to the organs he’s spent his life studying and working with to tell him when it’s time to call it a day and get some rest.

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