An Invitation To The Magic Circle

The Magic Circle headquarters in London is, as you might expect, an intriguing place. If you happen to stumble in by accident – which, given its deliberate anonymity and discreet security is exceedingly unlikely – you would just know that you had found a magical haven. My visit, which had been approved by the Grand Wizarding Council, was scheduled for a Monday afternoon and, as I was ushered in to a reception room I felt as if I was stepping in to a parallel universe which felt both alien and warm and friendly at the same time.

The cluster of people sitting around occasional tables fell silent; but there was no sense of hostility or unfriendliness in their polite greetings.

Yes, I was absolutely fine and yes I was being well looked after, I explained.

Rajan told me that any member of the Magic Circle from anywhere in the world who finds himself in London is welcome to join these weekly club sessions. The purpose is simply to get together and share magic – possibly performing in the custom built theatre – or discussing the intricacies of a new card trick.

As I wandered through the packed museum and tried to digest a potted history of this craft through the ages, it occurred to me that, surrounded as it is by a veil of mystery and secrets, magic could be one of the loneliest and least friendly or sociable professions in the world.

Rajan in front of a mural of the historic cup and balls

After a public performance, there would be no one you could share the ups and downs of the day with.  It would be impossible to stop in the pub on your way home to chat with friends about how for instance the cup and balls had behaved or whether the doves were especially dopey.

As a magician you need to be aloof and full of unexplained intrigue 24/7; so what a relief to be able to discuss the trials and tribulations as well as the joys and successes of your chosen profession with like-minded colleagues over a cup of tea – or maybe something stronger- in the safe and secure surroundings of the Magic Circle.

For me it was an unforgettable experience and I sincerely thank Rajan for allowing me a glimpse behind the scenes of the fascinating world of magic.