The Patient Patient

Since his childhood in the Kashmir region of Pakistan, Menir Ahmed suffered from poor eye sight – at the age of ten he was extremely short sighted (-9 or -8). His youth was blighted by all the inconvenience associated with wearing glasses so thick that they affected his peripheral vision and dashed any sporting  aspirations he had.

As an adult, Menir read about Laser Eye Surgery and began his painstaking research into the subject. However, despite his desire to be free of his glasses, he became preoccupied by the safety aspects of the procedure which was then in its infancy.

He delved into the possibilities of having his eyes operated on in the UK for as little as 200 pounds an eye but soon realised that his prescription was too high to comply with the “High Street’s” narrow specifications.

He told me that he also felt strongly that he didn’t want to economise in any way with his sight or take any risks. He wanted simply to find the best in the world.

Eventually his exhausting research and searching safety questions led him to the London Vision Clinic where he was especially impressed by Dr Dan’s research and pioneering technique.

“The more I read about Prof Reinstein, Mr Glenn Carp and the team, the more I felt confident that after years of searching around the world I had eventually found a clinic and surgeons I could trust”, he told me.

But Menir still remained cautious about taking the next step until two years ago when his glasses broke. Due to his complicated prescription and the high refractive lenses necessary, a replacement pair had to be ordered from Germany. The new glasses arrived two weeks later and with them came headaches and discomfort. “I just couldn’t get used to them”, he explained.

In the autumn of 2009 – ten years since the start of his quest – it was time for Menir to re-visit his research into Laser Eye Surgery. Inevitably, once again his journey led to the door of the London Vision Clinic. This time he took the next step… he opened it and stepped inside…

I have no doubt that Menir became another of the many patients whose post surgery comment was: I should have done this years ago.

In his case, it truly is an under-statement.

As he headed back to Bahrain, Menir told me that his next step would be to encourage his wife and mother to visit the London Vision Clinic to get rid of their glasses too.