Beauty Blogger Fleur DeForce Talks About Her Laser Eye Surgery Experience

With a -3 prescription, beauty, fashion and health blogger Fleur DeForce didn’t have terrible vision, but it was a confidence thing for her and a dislike of using contact lenses.

Fleur had been thinking about having Laser Eye Surgery for many years, and even made it a New Years resolution a few years ago. The reason she waited so long to go ahead with Laser Eye Surgery was partly the cost, but partly not knowing where to go. She wanted the best possible clinic as her eyesight is so precious, so she decided to save up and choose a clinic with a great reputation.

3 months ago, she decided to go to London Vision Clinic on Harley Street because of it’s reputation as one of the best clinics in Europe, and due to the reputation of Professor Dan Reinstein.

Fleur explained what to expect from the consultation, treatment and aftercare processes:

“The first consultation lasted 3 hours and was very thorough. I went to see my patient care coordinator and then saw the nurse who performed around 12 different tests to assess my eye health, my suitability for Laser Eye Surgery and which type of treatment I would be most suitable for.”

“The optometrist then went through another set of tests, taking photographs of my eyes and estimating what my outcomes were likely to be.”

“About 2 weeks later, I then went for a preoperative consultation with Professor Dan Reinstein, who founded the clinic to discuss the Laser Eye Surgery treatment.”

“He explained why it was important to not wear contact lenses in the run up to having Laser Eye Surgery as they change the shape of the cornea.”

Fleur had ReLEx SMILE, which is a keyhole Laser Eye Surgery procedure and on the day of Fleur’s surgery, she filmed a vlog, which is on the end of the video above.

The Laser Eye Surgery process on the day took around 1 ½ hour, and she started by chatting with her patient care coordinator, nurse and surgeon. She then had a head & shoulder massage to help her relax, and then went into surgery. The actual surgery took around 3 minutes per eye, then there was some recuperation time and more time to chat with the surgeon.

Fleur found that the actual surgery was completely painless. It was over really quickly and though it wasn’t comfortable, it didn’t hurt at all.

Fleur had to keep her eyes closed for a few hours after surgery, but within a couple of days her vision started to settle down and by adhering to the drop regime, the improvement was astounding.

A few weeks on, and having never been able to see clearly before, Fleur said she could not be happier to be able to see naturally.

To find out more about Laser Eye Surgery at London Vision Clinic, visit the website, or call 020 7224 1005.