Laser eye surgery really is transformational

When you hear that Laser Eye Surgery is performed over fifteen thousands times every year in just the UK, it’s difficult to really get a sense of what that means.

That’s thousands of people’s who’ve had their lives transformed in pretty much an instant. Young and old people, mothers and daughters, charity workers and CEOs; they all suffered in one form or another from poor vision, and Laser Eye Surgery was able to help them all live freer and fuller lives.

To help you get a more vivid idea of the full transformational impact of Laser Eye Surgery, we’re going to take an up close and personal look at a few of the people behind the procedures.

Achieving Sporting Dreams

A full-time marketing manager, mother of two, and amateur athlete with a long-held triathlon dream, Louise Righton was out on the bike or in the pool every chance she got. But as she had extreme shortsightedness and damage to her eyes which meant she could only wear contacts occasionally, the more the years went by, the more that dream was slipping through her fingers.

As a teenager, Louise often slept in her contacts. In consequence, she developed several infections that caused lasting damage to her eyes. Other than on her wedding day, she never wore them as they were uncomfortable and irritating. Anyone who has poor vision but can’t wear contacts knows what this means: constantly checking the weather, trying to avoid insects and splatters on her glasses, and dealing with the complications of prescription goggles.

Louise was “so completely blind” without her glasses — and under the impression she couldn’t have Laser Eye Surgery due to being turned down by a high street clinic — that she saw no other way than having to put with such problems. But after hearing about how someone else with an extremely high prescription was successfully treated at London Vision Clinic, she decided to give it another shot.

Louise had PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision and sure enough went straight into training for her dream. She completed a triathlon with a huge smile on her face, finished tenth place in her age group, and vowed it would be the first of many more to come.

“Taking part in the triathlon was just one of many ways that being glasses-free has changed my life. It is absolutely brilliant.”

Pursuing Clearer Vision and A Vocation

Since she was ten years old, Sharon Ritchie knew she wanted to have a career in eye health. But since an even younger age, she suffered from poor eyesight, and little did she know that many years later this would be the hindrance to her pursuing the profession.

Sharon wore contacts all the time and admitted she could literally see “nothing” without them. However, they never really posed a problem for her until she moved from her home of Aberdeen to London.

Possibly due to the higher levels of air pollution, Sharon’s eyes began to feel irritated and scratchy when wearing contacts. By the end of a busy day, her vision would have significantly deteriorated.

As an optometrist herself, Sharon knew all too well she had another option other than contacts or glasses to fix her poor vision. However, upon finding out that her left eye had high pressure and a thin cornea, it seemed like Laser Eye Surgery was well and truly off the cards.

Fortunately for Sharon, where she had her initial consultation, and where, in fact, she had just started working, was London Vision Clinic. And so despite not qualifying for Laser Eye Surgery at other clinics, she was suitable for the exclusive and pioneering ReLEx SMILE treatment.

The day after the treatment, Sharon returned to work stating “the results are fantastic”. She was now free to comfortably pursue her career in the capital and speak to patients about the transformational power of Laser Eye Surgery from first-hand experience.