Carol Vorderman Has Laser Eye Surgery At The London Vision Clinic

Television personality Carol Vorderman is famous for many things: hosting the “Loose Women” chat show, being awarded Rear of the Year and for her exceptional ability at mental arithmetic. Recently she has taken the plunge to undergo Laser Eye Surgery at London Vision Clinic.

For 26 years she entertained afternoon viewers with her maths skills on “Countdown” and today she promotes the subject in schools and also runs an online maths school.

Her picture appears frequently in newspapers and magazines where her clothes and appearance are scrutinised closely by fashion journalists. Despite her choice of outfit being sometimes criticised, it is generally agreed that she looks much younger than her 51 years. However, there is one aspect of aging that eventually catches up with even the most youthful fifty year olds – failing eyesight and the need for reading glasses.

Carol, like most women of her age, felt self-conscious wearing her specs in public but was finding it increasingly difficult to read her notes or even put on make-up without them. Then she decided to have her presbyopia corrected at the London Vision Clinic under the procedure known as PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision. Afterwards she tweeted to her many followers:

“This is my first tweet without wearing glasses ever. I am sooo happy. Op went like a dream. I am a very happy girl.”

Later adding: “Dan Reinstein invented the blended vision technique. He is quite frankly a sax playing genius.”

Read Carol’s story in the Daily Mail health pages published 21 May 2012.